Willie Azali is a 2D Animator, Graphic Artist and Illustrator based in San Jose, California.

Recent Work Experience

  • Freelance Animator at Mariposa Pictures (October 2010 – Present)
    • Traditionally animating characters for scenes in a short film using Toonboom
    • Cleaning up and coloring the final animated scenes
  • Contract Animator and Illustrator at Creativity Inc. (September 2012 and August 2013)
    • Create animation sequences for a children’s electronic toy to be released in 2013
    • Create graphic assets for an upcoming interactive children’s game application
    • Vectorizing Artworks for an educational children’s application
  • Contract Linguistic QA at Apple Inc. (June 2012)
    • Testing translated Apple iTunes Store for cut-off strings, strings left in English, any typos or garbled text, buttons functionality and command error
  • Freelance Animator at Marvimation (January 2011 – December 2011)
    • Revising and Drawing the story and animatic for an original short film
    • Traditionally animating shots for the short film
  • Freelance Animator at Buckingham Creek (August 2010 – May 2011)
    • Designing and creating visual assets for an iPhone game application ‘Pipe Rescue’ that was released on December 16th, 2010 on iTunes
    • Providing ideas and character sketches for new game release

Relevant Projects

  1. Provided Illustrations for a Wilderness First Aid Protocols Guide Book and App (Link for the book and app)
  2. Storyboarded for an Independent Short Film “Tibet in Flames” submitted to various International film festivals for crisis in Tibet awareness
  3. Collaborated in a student short film “Prelude” as a clean-up artist
  4. Participated and animated a scene for Don Bluth Animation Master Class


Qualification Skills
Software Skills
Adobe Photoshop Traditional character animation
Adobe Illustrator Illustration
Adobe Premier Concept and Logo design
Adobe Flash Character Design
Adobe AfterEffects Storyboarding
Toonboom Animate and Harmony Graphic Design